Hardware division

Jun - 07

Hardware division


The Hardware Division of our company carries out assembly and testing on modern software of electronic intelligent control modules for medical devices used in intensive care units. Assembly of various blocks is carried out in both basic version and on individual arrangement, depending on the configuration of medical devices.

Indication block

Elements of the latest generation are used in the indication blocks, including a high-resolution display reflecting all the necessary information.

At the request of the customer, both touch and conventional color displays can be installed in the blocks with the possibility of using them in a system with any software.

Pneumatic measurers


Modules of pneumatic measurers installed in medical devices for artificial lung ventilation, as well as in anesthesia devices.

The composition of the blocks uses the latest generation of sensors and meters, which have shown their reliable qualities during long-term exploitation.



Adjustment and monitoring unit

Adjustment and monitoring unit for the Oxygen module and Constant Positive Airway Pressure module.

The block composition uses high-precision elements of high-quality, tested during many years of exploitation.